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Welcome! Founded in 1978, the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is a not-for-profit organization that arms individual investors with the education and tools they need to build wealth. From stock investing to financial planning and retirement saving, AAII seeks to educate you on all your needs --without any product-sales bias or pressure. More....


Morningstar's Christine Benz recommended specific retirement-portfolio allocations and fund/ETF ideas at a sold-out September chapter event

San Juan College professor Bart Womack discussed major investment implications of demographic changes at a recent chapter event.
What I've Learned Working Both Sides of Wall Street
By Jonathan Clements
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Our speaker spent nearly 20 years writing for The Wall Street Journal, the premier US financial paper. He then spent six year in financial education at a major investment bank, but returned to the media world in April 2014. His experiences as an insider in the investment world and the financial industry -- both sides of the street -- form a treasure trove of insights. He'll share a lifetime of gleanings and talk about the most common mistakes and challenges investors display.  Reserve early, as this will be a big draw:  An unusually large number of members prepaid at the March event!
Jonathan Clements is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and the author of The Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015. Born in London, Jonathan graduated from Cambridge University. He spent 18 years at The Wall Street Journal in New York, where he was the newspaper's personal-finance columnist, before joining Citigroup in 2008. He worked at the bank for six years as Director of Financial Education for the U.S. wealth-management business. In April 2014, he returned to The Journal. In addition to his Money Guide, Jonathan has written four other personal-finance books.
 Attend this meeting to learn:
* What a career has taught the speaker about investing and the investment industry
* "Things your brokerage firm won't tell you"
* How the media business works, and how that affects what your read and hear   
Reasons to attend:
* Gain a new and more rounded perspective on what really happens inside Wall Street.
* Factor these insights into your daily info intake
* Ask questions of the speaker/author* Advance registrants are entered into a book raffle!
6500 East Girard Ave, Denver 
near NE corner Hampden & Monaco, ~0.25 mile E of I-25 



Moderator Nancy Reese with panelists
Paller, Cassidy, and Ratkai at January's "Stocks Outlook-2015" session


Chris Dunmall of Colorado PERA gave members his surprising 2015 outlook for bonds and interest rates at our December chapter meeting

Chapter president Mark Paller congratulates Alex Sjogren for winning the 2014 stock-picking contest

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