Sunday, April 19, 2015


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Morningstar's Christine Benz recommended specific retirement-portfolio allocations and fund/ETF ideas at a sold-out September chapter event

San Juan College professor Bart Womack discussed major investment implications of demographic changes at a recent chapter event.

Covered Call Writing for Income and Other Strategies


 By Dr. Alan Ellman, founder of The Blue Collar Investor

Monday, May 18, 2015
Investors are seriously looking for income with interest rates low and the soft economy making FOMC rate rises look iffy in months ahead.  Writing call options is a proven way to gain extra income but one many investors have not tried due to lack of knowledge or their fear that options are scary. OCC data indicate that about 80% of options expire worthless, so odds favor the writer.  This event will provide basic understanding and examples of option writing -- both covered calls and cash-secured puts.
In 2006, Alan Ellman founded The Blue Collar Investor (  He has authored three books on covered call writing: “Cashing in on Covered Calls”, “Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing” and “The Encyclopedia of Covered Call Writing”.  He has also produced an e-book on writing cash-secured puts.  He offers a four-part DVD and CD series based on the seminars presented on the same subject.  Ellman has presented over 50 options seminars in recent years and is on November's AAII National Conference program.  He's been a speaker for The Learning Annex and on numerous radio programs and a repeat speaker at The Money Show nationally.
 Attend this meeting to learn:
* how options work
* how covered calls can add a new income stream
* the upsides and risks of writing puts and calls 
Reasons to attend:
* add a new tool to your set of investing techniques
* understand options fully, so you are ready to act
* ask questions of a proven expert
* discuss ideas with fellow members
1580 Yarrow Street
1 block NW of Colfax/Wadsworth intersection


Journalist/Author Jonathan Clements told a large April 2015 audience his investing observations from 24 years

Moderator Nancy Reese with panelists
Paller, Cassidy, and Ratkai at January's "Stocks Outlook-2015" session


Chris Dunmall of Colorado PERA gave members his surprising 2015 outlook for bonds and interest rates at our December chapter meeting

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